Google has announced notable updates in their Chromebook apps coming out next week, and the Gallery app PDF editing features caught my attention the most.

It introduces new PDF editing functionalities, such as “fill out forms, highlight text, sign documents and add text annotations.” While these don’t cover all editing functions professionals might need, they clearly cover most people’s essentials.

Additionally, Gallery might be much lighter to install and use than the official free Acrobat Reader app, let alone the Acrobat Pro complete solution.

PDF aside, Google also introduced a screen-recording app called Screencast app and a handwritten app called Cursive app.

Screencast is great for recording tutorials or even slide show presentations with a voice-over. Typically, that’s handled by a 3rd party app on Windows/Mac, but web apps might not be the best medium for this, so it makes sense for Google to step in and fill the gap.

The cursive app helps users capture and manage handwritten notes geared towards Chromebooks with e-Pen support.

We like how the Chromebook platform has evolved, taking over a large swath of the Android tablet ecosystem with its desktop-level browsing and affordable pricing. It’s great to see Google continuing to integrate essential apps and services.

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