Last September, I covered Invoxia Smart Dog Collar at IFA 2022, where I met with Invoxia CEO Amélie Caudron.

Today, the company is coming to CES 2023 with its newly redesigned Smart Dog Collar enhanced with proprietary Heartprint Technology, an advanced heart tracking technology that approximates that of human ECG data.

Dog lovers will have to pay $149 for the collar, and $8.25 per month for data subscriptions. Thanks to sensors and AI, the device can track and monitor their canine friends’ respiratory and heart vitals alongside their activity and location.

Developed in collaboration with veterinary specialists, Invoxia biometric Smart Collar will be able to deliver preventative pet care by detecting problems in a dog’s health before any visible symptoms appear.

Heartprint Technology

A Heartprint Signature, like an ECG, provides information on each individual heartbeat by detecting and analyzing various forms of arrhythmia, as well as other anomalies, in the resting beats pattern.

According to Invoxia, the combination of the Smart Collar’s sensors’ continuous measurements, and AI algorithm enable the 2D visual representation of a dog’s cardio-pulmonary system, aka the dog’s Heartprint Signature

Instead of the traditional 1D ECG temporal signal that is difficult to interpret over time (according to Invoxia), Heartprint Signature is a 2D representation of heartbeats that is displayed as a Poincare Plot (shown in the photo above), that summarizes relevant information over a long period of time.

Invoxia Smart Dog Collar key features:

  • Vital Sign Monitoring:  measures resting heart rate and respiratory levels and monitors the dog’s Heartprint Signature
  • Behavioral/Activity Tracking: automatically detects multiple activities and monitors the time a pet spends running, walking, eating, drinking, barking, or scratching, alerting to potential skin conditions. It helps to detect and monitor changes in appetite
  • Location Tracking: combines Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS to deliver accurate location details with good battery efficiency. The integrated GPS locator allows owners to locate their dog if stolen while wearing the Smart Collar.
  • Escape alerts: help owners track even the most runaway-prone dog.
  • Geo-fencing: users can set parameters and be alerted if the dog runs outside of the set perimeter.
  • Built-in buzzer: users can detect when a dog is close by, hiding under a car, or trapped in a garage.

CES attendees who would like to see the Smart Dog Collar, it will be on display at the Invoxia Booth Venetian Expo #54225. For further information, visit

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