When it comes to VR headsets, the design can differ from model to model. Some models might act more as displays and offload the majority of the processing to a connected computer or console, while others try to create an all-in-one kind of device that removes the requirement to be tethered to a PC.

Depending on which model you choose, some headsets might be heavier than others, which is why Motorola and Verizon have actually teamed up to create a 5G Neckband that is designed to help offload some of that weight. As the name and photo suggests, this is a neckband of sorts where the brains of the device are separated from the headset itself and can rest around your neck like a necklace or lanyard.

Plus, with 5G built into the neckband, it also can help with connectivity at the same time. Now, we haven’t tried it out for ourselves so we have no idea if this truly makes VR headsets more lightweight and comfortable to be used for extended periods of time, or if it is simply a gimmick.

Unfortunately, apart from the design and the concept that both companies were going for, not much else is known about it like how much it will cost or when it will be available, but the companies have said that they are in talks with major partners so we expect that we should have more details soon.

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