When Apple stopped bundling chargers with the iPhone 12, they announced that if customers wanted a faster charging speed, they’d need to shell out $25 for the 20W charger. This would allow iPhone 12 owners to hit faster charging speeds compared to older charging bricks from earlier iPhone models.

However, it turns out that the iPhone 13 Pro Max can actually hit faster charging speeds than its predecessor, even though Apple did not mention this during the presentation. In a video uploaded to ChargerLab, it shows the iPhone 13 Pro Max being tested with various chargers of varying power outputs.

Based on the numbers we’re seeing, it appears that the iPhone 13 Pro Max when paired with at least 30W charger can reach charging speeds up to 27W. However, the video shows that the speed does fluctuate so it’s not at a constant 27W, but does seem to be faster than the iPhone 12 Pro Max which caps at around 22W even when paired with a 30W charger.

The video also shows the phone paired with even more powerful chargers, up to 100W, but it seems that it doesn’t really make that much of a difference beyond 30W. So if fast charging is a priority for you, then maybe investing in a good quality 30W or better charger might be a good idea.

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