Huawei’s most exciting computer at this MWC 2022 is the new Huawei MateStation X, an elegant-looking all-in-one PC. That’s a new category for Huawei.

It has a striking design thanks to its CNC aluminum minimalist chassis that looks great from the front or the back. It comes in light or dark gray, but both have a sandblasted matte finish.

The design is very similar to Huawei’s MateView monitor, which is equally beautiful to look at, but Huawei has integrated a computer within a very similar design.

The hinge is designed and optimized to be extremely easy to adjust “with one finger,” says Huawei. I might not tweak my monitor’s orientation often, but it’s a nice touch that shows an industrial design mastery that we’ve become accustomed to from Huawei.

The IPS LCD display has a 28.2” diagonal with a 3840×2560 resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. The 3K resolution is an excellent choice because it’s a near-perfect balance between image quality and cost. I would have liked to have a 90Hz framerate, but 60 will be fine for most users.

The color accuracy is excellent (100% sRGB and 98% P3), making this computer a good option for work such as web development and light Photoshoping.

I don’t consider the MateStation a workstation because it has only 16GB of RAM, which is fine for office productivity but not for more professional workloads. The same thing is true for the SSD storage, where 512GB is the maximum capacity available.

That said, this would be a perfect home or professional computer for lawyers, doctors, and other light-computing use cases.

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor option is perfect for the intended market in which this computer would compete. The integrated graphics is decent and great for casual gaming and multimedia activities.

The MateStation X has a speaker system built in partnership with Devialet, a high-end audio brand known for its Phantom ultra-premium speaker.

In this instance, there are two 5W speakers and one 10W subwoofer impeccably integrated into the computer’s chassis.

The included keyboard seems made of high-quality materials and features a fingerprint button for quick unlocking of the Windows operating system. It’s something that I’d like to see more often in aftermarket keyboards.

Thanks to its design, the Huawei MateStation X (official page) is one of the most exciting computers we’ve seen from MWC 2022 and is an excellent addition to a flourishing PC portfolio. I’d love to see Huawei produce a beefier version with a “workstation” orientation in the future.

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