Today at CES 2023, Panasonic Automotive announced its nanoe X Portable Air Purifier. The size of a cup holder, the device aims at keeping the air in the car free of germs and allergens, both air-borne and on surfaces. In addition to inhibiting harmful micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and mold, Panasonic’s patented nanoe X technology makes your vehicle smell good by keeping odors at bay.

The Japanese-headquartered company has already used the technology in a broad range of products such as hair dryers, air conditioners, and indoor air quality solutions. “This product is a simple solution that can enhance the driver and passenger experience by making their surroundings cleaner and cabin air healthier to breathe,” said Andrew Poliak, CTO of Panasonic Automotive Systems.

According to Panasonic, ‘Nanoe’ are nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles, created by applying a high voltage to water present in the air, and containing hydroxyl radicals (highly reactive components) that easily act on various substances. The hydroxyl radicals are proven to inhibit harmful substances and reduce odor intensity.

The USB-powered device cleans car cabins in about two hours almost silently (36 decibels). The nanoe X is an after-market product that can be manually placed into most vehicles’ cupholders.

The nanoe X air purifier is certified by the California Air Resource Board (CARB), the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Electrical Testing Laboratory (ETL), two certification authorities for U.S. safety standards for lighting, electronics, materials, and equipment.

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