Xiaomi makes and dabbles in many things, and now it appears that the company’s next possible product could be a pair of smart glasses. We said “possible” because the company has made it clear that these are currently more conceptual rather than real, but it does give us a glimpse into what the company could have planned for the future.

In terms of design, Xiaomi hasn’t gone all out with it, and that’s a good thing because it looks rather normal which will help it blend into regular clothing and fashion. It will have abilities you might expect from a pair of smart glasses, like being able to display notifications in the lens, making calls, using it for navigation, taking photos, and even translating text in real-time.

According to Xiaomi, these glasses will be using micro LEDs for backlighting, with the display chip itself measuring 2.4mm x 2.02mm, making it the size of a grain of rice, meaning that it is very light. Xiaomi also claims that the glasses will use optical waveguide technology that can refract light at 180 degrees to ensure accuracy when beaming light to our eyes.

It sounds pretty cool, but at the moment it also sounds more like a wishlist of things Xiaomi would want to put into a pair of smart glasses. We have no idea when the company might actually make it a reality, but this announcement does suggest that they are thinking about it.

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