Have you ever wondered what happens at the end of the month and you still have some extra data left? Naturally many of us assume it’s just gone, although since data isn’t actually tangible like food, the question is, can one truly “waste” it? That’s the question that a New Zealand phone company tried to find out in the hilarious ad above.

The company in question, 2degrees Mobile, put out an ad asking where does your unused data go? Some of the humorous questions include, does your carrier take your unused data and sell them on the black market? Or maybe it’s stored in a warehouse where it is left to decompose? Or maybe it is smuggled out of the country and sold in other countries via an auction?

However at the end what they do seem to suggest is that your unused data is basically sold back to you, which is a rather sobering thought, but then again, different carriers have different policies when it comes to unused data. Some actually let you rollover your unused data to the next month, while others will just chalk it up to it being wasted.

Either way if you have a minute to spare, you can check out the ad in the video above.

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