nyc-subway-wirelessIf you’ve ever travelled by train especially underground, you know that sometimes cell signals aren’t so good which means that calls, text messages, or going online can be difficult in certain spots. Earlier the city of New York had promised its residents that all of its subways would be equipped with WiFi by the end of the year, and sure enough that has happened.

In a report by NY1 (via Engadget), it looks like even though it felt like they would not make it, Transit Wireless managed to get WiFi up and running on all 279 underground stations in the city. This is not the end as come early next year, all stations are also expected to have cellphone service.

New York City certainly seems to be rolling out free public WiFi pretty aggressively. Earlier this year it was revealed that WIFi-equipped buses would be making their debut in Queens, thus giving riders access to the internet while on the go. We’ve also heard about how there are plans to equip subway cars itself with WiFi and USB ports for charging purposes, and there have also been reports of how trash cans in the city could also be used as WiFi hotspots.

In any case if you are in New York City and you’re taking the subway, you can keep an eye out for the “Transit Wireless WIFi” option on your smartphone or tablet.

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