Back in the early days of the internet when dial-up was still very much a thing, the internet wasn’t as populated as it is today. People still did not necessarily know where they needed to go to find what they needed, and search engines were certainly not as robust or as smart as they are today.

This gave rise to websites such as Tucows which became the default place you would go to if you wanted to download software from a trusted platform. That was back then, but now there are so many other venues, so much so that the company has announced that its Tucows Downloads website will be shutting down.

The company behind Tucows Downloads has shifted its strategy and focus over the years to keep up with the trends, but they always kept its original website running. However, like we said, with all the various mediums available to us, there is little reason for websites like that to exist, which is why they will be retiring it, while also transferring over software and assets to the Internet Archive to help preserve a bit of internet history.

We’re not sure how many of you guys remember Tucows from the good old days, but if you do, then it’s time to bid an internet legend farewell.

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