nvidia-titan-z-gpu-gtc14NVIDIA just announced a new monster graphics card: the Titan Z. It is a dual GPU Titan card that features 5760 cores, 12GB of memory and generates 8 TeraFLOPS of compute power – for $2999. That rounds the cost of each core to about 50 cents. This is rather excellent if you happen to be shopping for a supercomputer that you don’t need to build, and that can be used without special power requirements.

Nothing prevents you from using it to run games with all the graphics and physics option ON, but this also allows scientists to build data-intensive applications at only a fraction of the cost when compared to building the same setup without GPUs. The power-efficiency for parallel computation is without equal, and that’s why a few of these cards and 2000W of power can process as much data as a room with millions of dollars’ worth of regular servers.

NVIDIA didn’t mention when the new card would be available, but if you were looking for the absolute highest performance card that can be plugged into a home rig, this is pretty much it. Time to max out every single game setting, and that’s particularly true if  you just got one or two 4K displays.

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