Are you the type of person that has trouble falling asleep at night? Or maybe you do sleep, but it isn’t as rested as you would like? Then maybe you might want to take a look at the Kokoon NightBuds, which are earbuds that are designed to be worn in bed so that you can enjoy your music while falling asleep.

What makes the NightBuds so different? Why can’t you just wear normal earbuds to bed? The problem with most headphones or earphones is that they aren’t necessarily designed to be worn in bed due to their size and in some cases, bulk. With the NightBuds, Kokoon has designed them to be pretty slim where the buds themselves measure 6.9mm at the widest.

This is versus traditional earbuds, some of which are three times as thick.

This means that if you’re a side sleeper, you can wear the NightBuds to bed and you won’t necessarily feel like they’re being pressed against your ear. In addition to its size, the NightBuds also comes with some smart features where you can play music but when you start to fall asleep, the music will eventually fade out.

This will allow users to enjoy their favorite tunes while falling asleep, but won’t wake up to music blasting in their ears. The company has also created 4D binaural audio soundscapes so if you’d rather not listen to music but the sound of wood crackling away in a fireplace, those are options for you as well.

In addition to helping you fall asleep, the NightBuds can also be used like a regular pair of earphones whether you’re at the gym ori if you need to take handsfree calls. If you’re keen on grabbing a pair for yourself, you can head on over to Kokoon’s website where the NightBuds are priced at $224.

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