If you want to have your own domain name for your own website, there are plenty of options to choose from. For example, you could purchase a hosting plan and a domain from the company you’re buying the hosting space from, but then it gets a bit messy if you move to a different host later.

This means that buying a domain separate from the host might be a “cleaner” way of managing your domains, and it looks like you’ll be able to buy it through Google. For those unfamiliar, Google actually has a platform that lets you buy domains through them called Google Domains.

The service was previously in beta since 2015, and according to Google’s announcement, it looks like it has finally exited beta status. As it was in beta, not everyone could take part in it or buy domains through it, but now that it’s out of beta, Google has announced general availability in 26 countries.

According to Google, “Today, we’re moving Google Domains out of beta and into general availability in 26 countries. With millions of active registrations, we know how valuable domain names are to customers, and we take seriously the responsibility to provide a service that’s often at the very heart of a business, brand or passion.”

Keep in mind that you’ll still need a host even if you own a domain, so you’ll have to find one yourself, but you’ll be able to manage your domain through Google if you choose to buy through them.

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