When Google announced that they would be acquiring Fitibt, it was largely assumed that future Fitbit devices would run Google’s Wear OS smartwatch platform. After all, why wouldn’t Google want to get more Fitbit customers to start using its Wear OS platform, right?

However, according to an APK teardown by the folks at 9to5Google, it seems that might not be the case. According to the APK, the publication discovered three new devices which would be successors to current Fitbit models like the Versa, Sense, and Luxe. But based on the APK, none of them mention Wear OS and instead refer to a software “bridge”.

This bridge would basically connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This is versus how Wear OS devices connect to Android which has its own method of communicating, so obviously a Wear OS powered Fitbit would not require this “bridge”. This seems to suggest that at least for these three upcoming models, they might not be powered by Wear OS.

It is possible future Fitibt devices would run Wear OS because like we said, it would be a wasted opportunity for Google otherwise. Maybe Google doesn’t want to antagonize Fitbit users who might already be familiar with the software and might not appreciate a different OS being forced on them.

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