With the new Dimensity 1050 SoC platform, MediaTek is launching its first 5G processor with an integrated modem that supports mmWave and Sub-6 5G. As a result, users will experience higher average 5G performance with potentially extraordinary speed spikes if a mmWave base station is in line of sight. In the USA, many are installed in stadiums and other high-traffic venues. In time, their density will increase.

The Sub-6 GHz spectrum enjoys much broader network coverage, although at lower speeds than mmWave, but it is still faster than 4G. The Dimensity 1050 can switch seamlessly between different spectrums depending on network conditions.

Indoors, this processor supports WiFi 6E and should provide fast and low-latency connectivity. If anything, many users’ home internet won’t be fast enough to saturate the Dimensity 1050 capabilities. Gamers might be the primary beneficiary of WiFi 6E, but the average experience is well above the previous generations.

From a computing standpoint, this is a chip destined for the mid-range market, with an 8-core CPU (2 performance, 6 efficient cores) and a Mali G610 MC3 graphics unit that can control a 1080P 144Hz display.

It benefits from some advanced imagery hardware introduced with the Dimensity 9000 but with a smaller performance envelope due to its size, process node (6nm), and transistor count. From the specifications, it looks like MediaTek has tuned it to be competitive and should appear in mass starting from Q3 2022.

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