During its recent WWDC developer conference, Apple mentioned that the next-generation Apple M2 processor CPU cluster would be “18%” faster than the current M1. Numbers found in the Geekbench database are the first 3rd party data points that corroborate Apple’s claim.

It’s not surprising because chipmakers usually provide reliable and accurate performance estimates for their upcoming chips. But for prudent would-be buyers, it’s always a relief to see multiple confirmations that their next hardware would perform as expected. CPU aside, Apple also says the M2 GPU gets a 35% boost.

The industry was agreeably surprised by the introduction of the M1 platform, which turned out to be formidable in absolute performance and power efficiency. It looks like Apple’s architecture can scale and has more legs for the foreseeable future.

The M2 chip is at the core of the newly announced M2 MacBook Pro and M2 MacBook Air. The latter has a fan-less design, which is a testament to the low heat dissipation of Apple’s processor. However, the MacBook Pro has a fan and can sustain high-performance better.

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