There have been many RTS games released in the past, and Microsoft’s Age of Empires franchise is right up there with titles such as Blizzard’s StarCraft. The game has typically been released for the PC, but it looks like there is a chance that Age of Empires IV could be making its way onto consoles.

This is according to a tweet by account @ALumia_Italia who discovered some code that suggests that the game could be in the works for the Xbox console. According to the discovery, it references a game codenamed “CAR”, which according to Video Game Chronicle is the internal name for Age of Empires IV over at Microsoft.

This discovery is actually not that surprising because according to MobileSyrup, they spoke to Michael Mann, the executive producer at World’s Edge, about the possibility of the game making its way onto consoles. Mann did not deny that possibility, but instead stated that their current focus at that time was releasing the game for the PC.

Now that Age of Empires IV is out on the PC, we suppose it is possible that the team is now working on bringing it to the Xbox. We’re not sure when it will be released, if at all, but for console gamers looking to play the game on their Xbox consoles, this could be something to keep an eye out for.

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