Nobody likes receiving spam emails, but one of the good things about Gmail is that Google has created a pretty robust spam filtering system that does a good job of keeping spam out of your inbox. However, it seems that Google has recently made some changes to the spam filter rules that have ended up causing users to miss some emails.

According to several posts on Google’s Community page, there are several users who are complaining that Gmail is now filtering out legitimate emails. Users are experiencing issues where users have had to mark emails as not spam, but somehow Gmail still considers them to be spam anyway.

Kirk McElhearn from The Mac Security Blog has outlined certain things users can do to configure their Gmail accounts to make sure this doesn’t happen, but we reckon that these aren’t necessarily things that the average user might be aware of and that could be a problem for users who are suddenly not receiving emails that they are supposed to.

Google does have a support document that shows users some of the things that they can change in their settings to avoid this issue, so if you are realizing that you’re receiving more legitimate emails in your spam folder than usual, then it might be worth checking out. In the meantime, if you are also noticing emails that you’re supposed to receive aren’t showing up in your inbox, do check the spam folder just in case.

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