Safari takes advantage of Apple’s iCloud to sync up things like your browsing history, browsing data, passwords, and even your bookmarks. This means that if you’re using the same Apple ID across your devices, you should be able to view your bookmarks regardless of which device you’re using.

Now it seems that Apple has given its users a bit of a security upgrade. In a post on Reddit, it seems that users have noticed some changes made to Apple’s iCloud security page where it mentions that Safari bookmarks in iCloud are end-to-end encrypted. Previously, only history and tabs data were encrypted, but it looks like bookmarks are encrypted too.

While we’re not sure how many of us would need our bookmarks encrypted at this level, it’s always a nice privacy feature to have. Bookmarks can sometimes tell you about a person, their habits, and preferences, so encrypting it means that someone trying to hack your accounts or steal information from you will have less information than they did before.

The website does not mention which particular version of iOS you will need to have in order to take advantage of this new security and privacy feature, but hopefully it will be available across iOS versions, not just the latest version which is currently iOS 15.

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