One of the advantages that Apple has when it comes to apps running on macOS is that because they designed and chose their hardware and wrote the software that powers the hardware, they can also design software that can take advantage of the hardware in the most efficient way possible.

Or at least that’s the ideal scenario, but it looks like Safari users who want a faster browsing experience might actually have better luck with Chrome. This is according to recent benchmarks using Apple’s very own Speedometer 2.0 in which it appears that the latest version of Chrome for Mac actually outperformed that of Safari.

According to Google, based on the tests, it seems that enabling ThinLTO, they managed to make Chrome about 7% faster compared to Safari. Adding other graphics optimizations, they managed to take that even further up to 15% faster than Safari. Of course, there are reasons why some users might choose to keep using Safari over Chrome despite these speed improvements.

However, if you were an avid Chrome user who switched to Safari for a faster experience, maybe the latest Chrome update could convince you that maybe you can move back to Chrome and still enjoy a speedy browsing experience.

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