At Ubergizmo, we’re huge fans of USB charging because we travel worldwide and would rather not carry any adapters. From laptops to toothbrushes, it should all be USB-charged.

Yet, the world of power tools is largely plagued with proprietary adapters and connectors. The $99 DeWalt DCB094 USB adapter makes things a bit better by bringing USB-C charging to its customers.

Using USB-A or USB-C, you can charge DeWalt batteries using a USB power adapter, and pretty much everyone has one of these around. By default, the DCB094 comes with a 65W charger, but if you own a fancier 100W USB charger, it is also supported and will shorten the charging time.

The cool thing is that your DeWalt batteries can now be used to charge your USB-powered electronics. That might come in very handy if there’s an electric outage and if you have some spare batteries lying around.

Kudos to DeWalt for introducing USB into its eco-system, but next, we want to see the USB-C port directly into the battery. There are tons of compact and efficient batteries with an integrated USB charging port, so we know DeWalt can do it. Fingers crossed.

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