Benchmarks Suggest That The iPad Air 5 Performs As Well As The iPad Pro

Last week, Apple refreshed its iPad Air lineup where the latest fifth-gen model was updated and given the M1 chipset. This is a similar move Apple made in 2021 where the iPad Pro series was also refreshed with the M1 chipset.

Now, given that the iPad Pro series is meant to be for “pros”, does that mean that the iPad Air is less capable? According to a benchmark listing on Geekbench, that’s hardly the case. This is because the iPad Air 5 was benchmarked on the website and its scores seem to put it on par with the iPad Pro series.

The tablet was spotted with a multi-core score of around the 7,200 range. For context, the iPad Pro 11-inch model scored 7,218, while the larger 12.9-inch model scored 7,219. This means that barring margins of error, the fifth-gen iPad Air is pretty much on par with the iPad Pros in terms of performance.

Of course, there are differences between the tablets like the iPad Pros featuring a ProMotion display with a faster refresh rate, but if you don’t really care about that too much and want a tablet purely for performance, then maybe the iPad Air 5 could be a tablet worth considering, especially given its cheaper price point.

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