One of the reasons why it has been suggested that if you take part in Google’s Android Beta program, that you do it on a device that isn’t your daily driver or your primary one. This is because first of all, there might be bugs and issues that could affect your experience and usage.

Secondly, when you exit the beta you will need to wipe your device, which obviously if this is your primary phone, will be troublesome especially if you forgot to backup. However, there is some good news on that front because according to Google, moving forwards when beta devices eventually receive the official stable release, they will be able to opt-out of the beta without having to wipe their devices.

However, it seems that this will only be offered temporarily, meaning that once the stable release has been made available, users in the beta program will have a window of opportunity where they can opt-out of the beta, but we suppose it’s better than nothing and could be useful for users who decide that they no longer want to take part in the beta.

The stable release of QPR3 is expected to be available this June, so if you are taking part in it and want to unenroll yourself, head on over to the Android website and opt-out once the public release is available.

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