Lili 2.0 by Lili for Life

Using lamp design to help dyslexic people to read is not new, we covered Lexilife at CES 2020, a startup that offered a similar product as the Lili For Life’s lamp.

A winner of the USA TODAY award in the Best of Tech category at CES 2022 for the Lili lamp, Lili for Life is back at the tradeshow with its new Lili 2.0 lamp, optimized to make read on screens easier, and a Pro model prototype, designed for professional environments, with a size adapted to desks with large monitors and which can be plugged into the mains.

The Lili 2.0 is an upgrade of the original Lili lamp presented last year, that features technical and aesthetic improvements. Lili for Life’s proprietary pulsing light technology helps people with dyslexia to decipher words more instantaneously, improves the understanding of the written words, and helps to reduce the fatigue felt during reading sessions.

Lili 2.0 lamp is foldable into a case

The technology inside the Lili for Life’s lamps is based on the scientific work of two French physicists, Albert Le Floch and Guy Ropars, acknowledged in 2020 by the French National Academy of Medicine. They discovered that dyslexic people, unlike the rest of the population, have two directing eyes, which results in a superimposition of images in their brains when they are reading.

Although different international health organizations recognize that is difficult to evaluate the number of dyslexic people worldwide, the WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that dyslexia affects between 8 and 10% of the population. A recent study conducted by Cambridge researchers found that people with Developmental Dyslexia are more creative, because, according to the Cambridge team, they “have specific strengths relating to exploring the unknown”. So helping them read faster could unlock even more of their creative potential!

The Lili 2.0’s battery life was increased by 25% (from 6hrs to 7.5hrs) and a reduced recharging time compared to the previous model. Designed for international markets, the new lamp features new-generation LED chips with better performance for screen reading.  The free companion app (iOS and Android) allows users to adjust the light beam to their own level of comfort via their smartphone.

Lili Pro will be available in 2023 for companies willing to provide reading assistance to their dyslexic employees. The elegant and stylish Lili Pro plugs in the mains, delivers adjustable 360° lighting over a person’s workstation.

Lili Pro by Lili for Life

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