Video streaming service Vimeo today announced that it finally supports HDR videos on its platform. HDR videos can now be uploaded to Vimeo and the service promises to retain “as much quality as possible” for all HDR uploads. With support for 10-bit video, Vimeo can now bring over one billion colors to the screen, enabling the video quality to be strikingly clear and cleaner than ever before.

All Vimeo users who either shoot or master HDR footage can upload their videos to the service. Viewers will be able to watch them but they’ll obviously need an HDR-compatible monitor. HDR videos can be uploaded from anywhere, be it their preferred workflow like Dropbox or Final Cut Pro, or the upload page on Vimeo.

The supported devices also include the iPhone X, iPad Pro, and Apple TV 4K. Vimeo says that it’s the only video-hosting service available in HDR on the aforementioned platforms.

The wider color range enabled by HDR represents 75 percent of the color that the human eye can see. That’s a significant improvement as most modern color gamuts are only limited to 35 percent of the color range.

Vimeo also supports up to 8K resolutions so creators can unlock their 5K, 6K, and 8K videos for viewers. 8K displays aren’t common as yet but Vimeo is providing this feature to content creators because it wants them to be able to sell and distribute their work in the best quality possible.

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