EcoFlow, the company that aims at reinventing the way people access energy by providing reliable renewable power solutions, is coming to CES 2023 with two awardwinning smart devices for the home and the outdoors.

The EcoFlow Blade is a robotic lawn-sweeping mower for people who hate to mow (including myself). Like many people, my aversion to mowing may stem back to my childhood when it was included in my chore list.  Mowing the lawn the old-fashion way offers the benefits of physical activity, and it was perhaps beneficial during the pandemic when gyms were closed.

The gyms have now re-opened, so I would love to own the EcoFlow Blade since it is fully automated via its app-operable programs. The smart garden robot features automatic leaf collection, virtual boundary navigation, automatic route planning, and precision lawn mowing.

Users can control the Blade via an app, and the intelligent device has obstacle avoidance and climbing capabilities. The cherry on the cake: there is an anti-theft system enabled by the 4G SIM.

The second smart device is a sustainable next-gen portable refrigerator equipped with a plug-in battery and a direct solar charging option. The EcoFlow Glacier also offers an embedded ice maker that produces about 18 ice cubes every 12 minutes.

The chassis made of green materials features a handle and two wheels for easy transportation.  The company claims that the EcoFlow is capable of high-speed cooling while providing efficient energy saving, thanks to its 297WH battery that allows the fridge to run up to 24 hours on a single charge.

The EcoFlow Blade and the EcoFlow Glacier will be available in Spring 2023.

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