Invoxia Smart Dog Collar, Intelligent Biometric Collar Delivers Canine E-Health

Invoxia announced its Smart Dog Collar at Showstoppers during IFA 2022. The start-up, known for its GPS trackers, is now focusing on delivering non-invasive breathing and heart rate monitoring for dogs, to help our canine friends fight various heart diseases.

During Showstoppers, I met Invoxia CEO Amélie Caudron, who explained that one out of five dogs will experience some cardiac conditions during their lifetime, and some breeds are more at risk than others, especially larger dogs like Dalmatians, German Shepherds, or Weimaraners.

In case of heart failure, it is necessary to track their key biometrics daily to decrease the chance of a relapse and to prolong their lives.

Invoxia’s proprietary sensor-fusion technology uses a combination of sensors including a miniature radar, and artificial intelligence algorithms. Amelie Caudron told me that the mini radar sensor is similar to Google SOLI technology and measures the microscopic movements of the skin, no matter the dog’s fur.

Thanks to AI, the device will discard ‘parasitic’ vibrations to provide accurate continuous monitoring of key biometrics like the dog’s normal state, resting breathing rate and heart rate. Thanks to AI, the device will discard ‘parasitic’ vibrations to provide accurate continuous tracking of key biometrics like the dog’s normal state, breathing rate, and heart rate.

According to Invoxia, today, the medical tools used for cardiac and respiratory monitoring of dogs during clinical visits or post-surgery recovery are often unreliable, difficult to fit, or invasive. Some of them require intubation during surgery or shaving the dog’s legs. Due to their invasiveness, those instruments cannot be used for biometric monitoring at the dog’s home.

Invoxia’s Scientific Advisory Board, made up of renowned international experts coming from the best research institutions in the world, is very enthusiastic about the disruptive nature of such an innovative wearable device, that will support future canine medical research.

The results coming from the testing of the first Smart Dog Collars across a diverse range of dog breeds are promising. According to Invoxia, the first results are as follows:

In addition to the breathing and heart rates, Smart Dog Collar tracks dogs’ daily activities such as running, walking, sleep score, number of meals, scratching sessions, and barking…

Thanks to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and LTE-M connectivity, Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar also enables real-time location tracking, a crucial feature for pet owners.

The device delivers several weeks of battery life and is waterproof, dust resistant, and washable.

Smart Dog Collar will be available this winter for about 99 Euros/Dollars including tax, with a monthly subscription cost of 12.99 Dollars/Euros.

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