Multo, Indoor Farm by Prêt à Pousser (Ready to Grow)

Prêt à Pousser, the Parisian startup that offers connected indoor gardens was at Showstoppers, to launch its new product Multo during IFA. Multo is a connected vegetable garden furniture that allows urban families to grow up to fifty plants simultaneously.

A truly nourishing vegetable garden, the connected Scandinavian-style furniture can grow salads, herbs, zucchinis, eggplants, squash, beans, peas, radishes, and microgreens. Prêt à Pousser claims that Multo is 200% more productive than existing home gardens, thanks to its hydroponic technology “ebb and flow”, used for the first time in a consumer product. With ebb and flow, salads are twice as big, and tomato and bell pepper plants produce up to three times more fruit.

Designed by award-winning designer Xavier Houy, Multo is a piece of furniture with a beechwood and metal structure that is available in one, two, or three levels. Each level features a soft light at the top and a container at the bottom where the urban gardener places pods to house the plants.

Prêt à Pousser collected over 450.000€ in pre-orders in a few weeks from Multo crowdfunding campaign, which confirms the increasing interest in food self-production.

According to the Kickstarter campaign page (closed), Multo comes in four versions:

Prêt à Pousser sells other indoor gardening products:

The Nano Garden, the Lilo Connect, the Modulo, and the Lilo Edition.


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