[CES 2018] If you’re looking to make your car smarter, there are some options available, such as Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto, just to name a few. However these can be rather expensive addons, but if you’re not looking for anything too complicated or expensive, Anker might have the solution for you in the form of the Roav Viva.

The Roav Viva is Bluetooth car kit that looks like a standard USB car charger. It plugs directly into a 12-volt power point, and also comes integrated with Alexa. What this means is that if you wanted a digital assistant in your car with minimal hassle when it comes to cost and installation, the Roav Viva looks like a pretty worthy contender.

It features two USB charging points to charge your phones, two pinhole microphones, and also an LED light ring to indicate Alexa’s status. Since it uses the Alexa digital assistant, it can do pretty much what Alexa on any other device can do, such as control your connected home devices, order a pizza, check the weather, check on traffic, control music playback, and so on.

As for pricing, the Anker Roav Viva is priced at $50 which makes it more affordable than some of the alternatives out there. It is currently available for pre-order via Amazon where it is expected to begin shipping on the 31st of January, with a global release set for later this year.

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