Eliane Fiolet


Eliane Fiolet is the co-founder and editor of Ubergizmo.com where she writes in English about consumer technology, cool prototypes and innovations.
Launched in Silicon Valley in 2005, and distributed in six languages (en/fr/de/es/it/jp), Ubergizmo is one of the top consumer tech news websites in the world.
Ubergizmo launched in
Japan in August 2018.

Eliane is also an Advisor to the Board for Kolibree, the world’s first connected electric toothbrush and French success story featured on U.S national media. Kolibree won two CES awards in 2017 and 2018.
Since 2017, she is an Advisor to the Board and cofounder at CareOS, an award-winning IoT platform dedicated to beauty and health in the bathroom.

Ubergizmo is a Webby Award Honoree and has been featured in major media such as The Wall Street Journal, German national TV 3Sat, Stern magazine, Japanese newspaper NIKKEI, BBC online, and USA Today.

Eliane became an American citizen in 2014. In 2015, she has been knighted in the
National Order of Merit, by the French government.

She is a pioneer in the Fashion and Tech movement, that became later a hot trend in Silicon Valley with the rise of wearable technology. Her highly successful 2009 “fashion and tech” Digital Summer tech event was the first of its kind.

Originally a Math/Physics major, she chose to earn a visual communication Master’s Degree before working in visual identity with prestigious firms such as Minale Tattersfield Design Strategy. Technically savvy, Eliane also designed UX for an award-winning adventure video game.

Connect with Eliane on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ (photo by Hermance Triay)

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